Breeder Interview

How long have you been growing/ breeding?

I have been around growing since I was a child. I started growing commercially in 2008. I began breeding around that same time. 

What inspires you to make the crosses you do?

I am mostly inspired by flavors and aromas, but I pay a lot of attention to plant shapes, growth and structure. Of course potency is part of the equation. 

Favorite strain you’ve created so far?

Picking one favorite is hard. Maybe Lemon Jeffery. 

How do you select strains for your crosses

I have access to a large library of plants. I was working with commercial grows in Colorado and I got to see plants grown several times over the course of my contract at a facility. I select plants that perform well in commercial settings and pair them with my males. Sometimes a certain aroma or flavor would get my attention. Sometimes its a potency thing. Sometimes I love the way plant grows. Sometimes I find a plant that makes great terms and huge potency numbers, but won’t make weight. I will try to fix the weight issue by breeding it to a heavy hitter make. 

Any achievements or cups won you would like to mention?

Arise has tested at 35.84. THC-A at Steep Hill Labs. 

Arise won 1st place for best hybrid in the New Mexico Chronicle Bud Bowl

Lemon Jeffery has several awards for concentrates. 



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