Breeder Interview

How long have you been growing/ breeding?

I have been growing and pheno-hunting for over a decade and breeding since 2015.

What inspires you to make the crosses you do?

What inspires me is the plants’ remarkable capability to create moments of nostalgia through our manipulation. I still remember the first time I tried California Oranges (Cali-O) and was blown away that a plant could smell and taste exactly like its name. I couldn’t wrap my head around how someone could create such a familiar smell until I started pheno-hunting and understanding the importance of selection. Since then I’ve been inspired to try and create those nostalgic kinds of terpenes. Those terpenes that make you verbally express how much it smells like X, Y or Z. Don’t take that the wrong way though, I’m not just breeding for terpenes. I’m looking for the whole package.

Favorite strain you’ve created so far?

Caribbean Vampire (Tropicana Cookies x Garlic Breath) hands down. It’s super terpy, tests in the high 20s, yields heavy, and seems to be very resistant to mold and mites.

How do you select strains for your crosses?

I select my strains based on their performance and how they would pair together. When pheno-hunting I’m always looking for the obvious things like vigor, structure, yield, & smell, but it all comes down to what traits or attributes I’m actively searching for or wanting to combine. For instance, when I was creating Caribbean Vampire I wanted to take the yield and taste from the Tropicanna Cookies and combine it with the structure and trichome production of the Garlic Breath. Not all of their offspring had the best of both worlds but my “keeper” pheno definitely did. In saying that, I make sure to get all of my “keeper” phenos or cuts lab tested for potency and terpene content so I’m not wasting your time or mine with low numbers. While I’m not a number chaser, myself, I have run large rec facilities and understand the importance of high tests and heavy yields. 

Any achievements or cups won you would like to mention?

I’ve won a couple cultivation awards, but none of them have been with my genetics so I’m sure none of you really give a shit. It would be a huge honor to see one of YOU bring home a trophy with my genetics though!



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